For the holidaze season, we’re ending the year on a high note. To show our appreciation for both our followers and small businesses, we’re hosting 12 very special giveaways to support and highlight a variety of small, local, BIPoC, female, LGBTQ+ and family owned brands and companies. 

This giveaway series will occur over the course of the first two weeks of December, where one item or bundle will be given away each day. There will be a winner for each of the 12 days until the last day.

While the giveaways are underway on Weedmaps’ Instagram account, we want to highlight each of the featured business owners and entrepreneurs creating unique products that are loved by the cannabis community. 

Umudyok Designs

To kick off Day 1 of the giveaway, we are pairing with Umudyok Designs, a queer, Filipina, woman-owned woodshop business. Cassey Dela Pena, owner and designer, operates her company in Oakland, California where she crafts unique wood products that range from kitchen cutting boards and propagation stations to rolling trays.

Cassey’s love for wood-working stemmed from her father’s innovative, simple crafting solutions, which inspire the sleek, functional wood designs she creates today.


On Day 2, we have a Colorado-based company, Stashlogix,  founded by Skip Stone, a father who wanted to ensure his young kids wouldn’t be able to get into his medicine. His solution was to develop a brand of bags, containers, and accessories — all equipped with smell-proof technology. 

Stashlogix takes pride in their efforts to break the negative stigma around cannabis and create “thoughtful, secure, and discreet” products that aim to promote a responsible cannabis connoisseur.


For our Day 3 giveaway, we teamed up with Stevana Vaughn, a Black, female yoga instructor from Chicago, Illinois. What began as a physical practice and mental healing has evolved into a way of life. Vaughn is a mother, cannabis consumer, and self-taught flexibility trainer, as seen in her viral videos of her bendy moves. 

She now teaches virtual yoga classes that will be offered as part of the giveaway. 

Sackville & Co.

Day 4 will feature Sackville & Co., a woman-owned brand designed for the contemporary, feminine eye. Founders Hayley Dineen and Lana Van Brunt’s combination of experience in various business marketing fields helped lift off their cannabis brand where they now sell stylish grinders, papers, CBD sprays, clothes, and more. 

Sackville & Co. believes that cannabis is a tool to help strengthen creativity and curiosity within the fashion, art, and music industries, and can encourage diversity within the global art community.

Kicky Mats & Jane Parade

Our Day 5 giveaway features two noteworthy women-owned businesses. Kicky Mats is based in Houston, Texas where owner Eboni Roberts designs fun, custom doormats. Jane Parade is a lifestyle brand from Brooklyn, New York and caters to the style of the playful, female cannabis connoisseur. 

Eight winners will receive a “Keep blazing, stay amazing” doormat from Kicky Mats and “Smoke Weed” shoe charms from Jane Parade. 

Ethel’s Club

For Day 6, we’re boosting Ethel’s Club: a Brooklyn based, Black-owned, social wellness club giving away seven memberships. 

Naj Austin formed Ethel’s Club after being inspired by the caring environment her grandmother, Ethel, fostered in her community. This was the foundation of the club, as Naj and her team continue to provide a space for people of color to heal, create, connect, and celebrate their cultures. 

Elevate Jane

Day 7’s giveaway is a POC, woman-owned, family-run business specializing in contemporary-style smoke products called Elevate Jane. They sell glass, ceramic, and crystal pipes, along with joint holders, rolling papers, and grinders, and their very own bong, Mimi.

Located in Long Beach, California, all of Elevate Jane’s pipes are made in the USA, and they believe that form and functionality are fundamental to their product. 

Lux Eros

Lux Eros is our Day 8 giveaway. It’s a woman-owned ceramic brand based in Los Angeles, California. Owner Desanka Fasiska originally worked in fashion and was in search of a more nurturing environment for artistic expression, so she decided to transition to a ceramic business where she began hosting creative workshops in order to build community. 

Fasiska now designs and sells chic, custom, ceramic pieces ranging from tabletop and drinkware to home decor — each with their own signature, yet unique designs.  

MUNISA Ceramica

On Day 9 of the giveaway, we’ve teamed with a Latinx, woman-owned ceramic smoking accessory shop located in Venice Beach, California. 

Born and raised in Juarez, owner Isabela Munoz has always had a strong love for her culture’s beauty, which she heavily incorporates into her product design. After gaining some experience in a bakery, and attending a POC-run pottery school in LA, she began crafting pipes and rolling trays in the shapes of fruits inspired by her Mexican culture.

Bear Mountain Studios

Our Day 10 giveaway is Bear Mountain Studios, a small glass business in Colorado run by husband and wife duo, Evan and Cassandra. 

Evan began blowing glass in 2013 and started experimenting with different shapes and figures of smoking pieces. His out-of-the-box designs were inspired by antique styles in his own home growing up — he describes his product embodying “antique shapes with modern function.” One of these locally blown, handcrafted pieces will be a part of the giveaway.


For Day 11, we feature a patient-focused, Black, woman-owned company, Ardent. Owner Shanel Lindsey was a cannabis patient looking to accurately dose her medicine by decarboxylation. 

After realizing these methods were more complicated than she expected — and with Massachusetts’ legalization of medical cannabis in 2012 — she began working with scientists in labs where she ultimately perfected the decarboxylation process using one device: The NOVA™ is the first decarboxylator that provides patients with pharmaceutical-grade medical cannabis dosages. 


Day 12 includes Apothecarry: a Black, woman-owned company run by CEO Whitney Beatty. The brand began with Beatty, a former TV executive from LA, who used cannabis to treat her anxiety, but wanted a secure and sophisticated form of stashing her green. 

With that in mind, she established a collection of luxury carrying cases and accessories with built-in technology that keeps your bud safe and fresh. 

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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