If you’re reading this, you know who we are. The four-and-a-half decade old cannabis flagbearer—the O.G.. From the front lines to the boardroom, High Times has led the charge for not only legalization, but for the de-stigmatization of Cannabis across the globe. We’ve been fighting for our right to research, our right to heal, and our right to consume, for ourselves and for evangelists all over the world longer than many of our team have even been alive. It’s been a long road to get here, and we’ve had some dark times, but the future is brighter than ever now.

As you’ve likely heard, the United States has now legalized recreational cannabis consumption across 15 states, with an additional 20 states having legalized marijuana for medicinal purposes. While we’re still facing federal bans, don’t yet have interstate commerce, and though we haven’t quite cracked cannabis banking yet, it’s important to remember that we’ve come a long, long way.

As you also may have heard, this new future has provided some exciting new opportunities for our brand. We’re in the process of going public, we now own several cannabis dispensaries, and we have launched a delivery service in California that is quickly picking up steam. As we near our 5th decade of existence, we’re moving into a time when the oldest brand in Cannabis can FINALLY sell weed. It’s really quite amazing. 

However, that’s not the only news we’ve got up our sleeves.

The New and Improved High Times Shop

On November 20th we’ll be adding another new addition to our site, a reimagined and redesigned shop for all our loyal fans. This shop aims to be your solution for three main needs:

First off, we are pleased to introduce our new CBD line. Sure you’ve seen a million of these types of products flood the market since the Farm bill passed, but rest assured, there was a reason we took our time with our formulations. The result is nothing short of spectacular, and what will surely be the LAST product you’ll need to try out—because this actually works. We are excited to bring to you the BEST CBD products on the market, hard stop. From flavors you will love, to effects you won’t only feel, but that will last, and all from the brand that you’ve trusted to provide you with the best in the space for over 46 years. 

Next up is our reimagined and plushed-out new merchandise line. Featuring iconography that’s been with us since the early days, tour posters from some of our most memorable events, and even the face of our founder—the original Zippy—Thomas Forçade, it’s never been easier (or more comfortable) to rock your favorite brand. In fact, when we say comfortable, we’re not just talking free slippers at the hotel, we mean full-blown head in the clouds, hugging strangers type comfort—not your typical run-of-the-mill steeze. From marshmallow-feeling hoodies to buttery soft T’s, we’re about to make your wardrobe as loud as your smoke.

Finally, we’re not ignorant enough to believe we can do everything, so we called in some of our favorites to help round out this new site. As the voice of the counterculture, we’ve tried it all, and we know that not all products are created equal, especially when it requires risking your buds. We’re not about to let any of our friends get taken for a ride, so we’ve recruited the best the industry has to offer—from top of the line infusion machines, to unique and handmade pipes, to an actual machine that will pack your cones for you for all the lazybones out there. Some of it is handmade, lots of it is made here in the USA, but all of it is guaranteed to take your sesh to the next level no matter where you happen to be.

It’s been a long road friends, but we’re not slowing down. Now stop reading and let us bless you with the best! All of our selections are all available NOW at our totally revamped and redesigned counterculture destination: hightimes.com/shop

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