Weed is pretty high on the list of things to be thankful for, and since Thanksgiving is all about gratitude — as well as all manner of delicious food — having just the right strains on hand is a recipe for an extra gratified day. And bringing the right pre-roll, tincture, or concentrate to the Holiday table can level up your Thanksgiving and keep you gratefully interested in leftovers all weekend. 

If your Thanksgiving is spent solo or with a small, socially-distanced get-together, the perfect cultivar will make gorging yourself on green bean casserole feel like picnicking on a cloud. 

Though these strains each feature their own singular virtues, they all share one common effect: fantastic munchies. What better way to wet your appetites for an incredible Thanksgiving meal? 

Purple Bubba

Purple Bubba is the result of a Purple Kush/Bubba OG crossbreed, and having inherited its parents’ sedative effects, can be counted on for a deeply relaxing intoxication. The big time munchie feature, however, is unique to the Purple Bubba cultivar, and should definitely be capitalized on for Thanksgiving

Historically, this cultivar’s most reported effects are a deep, cashmere body buzz that massages away stress, a cushiony head high that gently blurs cognition, and the sudden arrival of a very excited appetite. 

If this year’s festivities call for both maximum stoney relaxation and ultimate munchy indulgence, Purple Bubba has the potential to deliver. Expect a skunky sweetness in the nose and a cottony, musky exhale.

White Yoda

This balanced hybrid can manifest a relaxing high or something more effervescent, depending on the user, but across the board, whether drowsy and perky, users report feeling particularly indulgent after consuming White Yoda. And while that alone makes it a pretty  Thanksgiving-friendly strain, this year’s festivities can be accentuated further still by smoking White Yoda while catching up on the adventures of Baby Yoda, then eating a lump of mashed potatoes smooshed into the shape of Original Yoda. 

White Yoda was bred from two balanced hybrid parents, Lowryder and a White Russian clone seven generations deep. The terpene profile is led by linalool, myrcene, and beta-pinene. Expect a sharp perfume that lingers in the nose and a dank exhale that lingers in the air. 

Josh D OG

Josh D OG is a popular therapeutic strain, reportedly delivering a deeply relaxing body high while activating a healthy appetite. This strain’s soothing reputation, however, belies a sweet euphoric streak that can gently uplift the mood. For a few, this high tilts toward an energetic euphoria. Either way, it tends to leave its users with substantial cravings.

Most of this strain’s relaxing effects can be attributed to its parents, SFV OG, Triangle Kush, and Hell’s Angels OG, each known for their sedative qualities. The terpene profile is led by myrcene, and beta-Caryophyllene, with a suggestion of limonene. Expect a savory stink that’s faintly citrusy, and a sharp, woodsy exhale. 

Grape Cookies

Grape Cookies, a cultivar bred from GSC and Grape Krush not only smells of grapes and cookies, it will reportedly activate an overwhelming sweet tooth. And since the best holiday munchies reside at the dessert table, this strain is spot-on for adventures in Thanksgiving eating.

With an onset that builds slowly to a mellow, snacky plateau, this cultivar’s profile skews slightly sedative, but the hybrid aspects of its lineage provide a nice balance. . In addition to its fruity sweetness, the strain’s profile is rounded out by an earthy funk and potent diesel overtones. Expect a grassy inhale that blooms into a sweet, hearty exhale.

Silver Bubble

If your holiday celebrations require silver service, don’t stop at the soup spoons. Go all the way and stock up on Silver Bubble, a stoney hybrid with a luxurious munchie streak. Lovers of Silver Bubble report a high that’s mentally stimulating with a stoney munchie streak. Before settling into a Thanksgiving feast, a little of this may balance out your mood and open up your appetite. 

Silver Bubble is parented by heritage strains Haze, Northern Lights, and Skunk. The result is a frosty green flower with a fruity, sour perfume and buttery flavor. Expect tartness in the nose and a savory exhale.

Sumo Grande

Bred from the hybrid strain Hong Kong and rare sativa Nina Limone, Sumo Grande reportedly takes after its momma, with an energetic effect that is followed by ravenous munchies. 

But Sumo Grande is more complex than just energetic snack fuel, many users report creative effects, making this strain’s Thanksgiving value abundant in the kitchen as well as the dinner table. Expect a piney citrus perfume and a light, herbaceous exhale.

CBD Rich Blessing

A marginally stoney 2:1 THC:CBD hybrid strain like CBD Rich Blessing is a good introductory strain for newbies. It’s most frequently reported effects include pain relief, lifted mood, and a manageable wave of munchies. It appears often in tinctures, which makes it more approachable — if meemaw is down to vibe but not down to take a blunt to the face, a dropper of CBD Rich Blessing in her iced tea might be the perfect compromise.

Expect an earthy perfume and dank, herby mouthfeel. 

Royal Highness

Royal Highness is another 2:1 THC:CBD strain that features appetite stimulation among its many effects. This strain’s low THC percentage isn’t an indication that the high is any less nuanced or complex than more psychoactive strains. Most users find this hybrid to be a balanced daytime smoke, with a breezy relaxation that leads  to the munchies. 

Bred from high CBD strains, Respect and Dance Hall, Royal Highness carries on her parents’ therapeutic effects, but also delivers a singular cannabinoid and terpene expression all her own. 

Expect a sharp, but sweet and skunky perfume with a woody exhale.  

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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