Each year you come into these holiday gift guides hoping for something cheap — but considerate — to give your favorite stoners. You know your pockets are out-of-office for that new bong or dab rig they’ve been craving, but you could still foot the bill for something random, clever, and useful. 

The good news is that there’s such a wide variety of cannabis products and accessories available these days, it’s really easy to find something budget-friendly that the average smoker doesn’t already own.

For 2020, here are some gifts that all cost less than $100, and will delight any cannabis enthusiast that receives them.

Raw Catcher

RAW runs the game when it comes to rolling papers and random smoking accessories. Recently, they dropped a new product: the Raw Catcher — and it’s an excellent gag gift.

RAW Catcher is a device that allows a completely hands-free session. As you smoke a joint, ash falls into the catcher, and it’ll enable anyone who’s writing, making art, playing video games, or anything else that occupies your hands, to do so while still getting stoney baloney. As goofy as it looks and feels, it’s a really funny gadget that’ll actually come in handy for people that like to smoke while creating but hate those little moments of breaking concentration to find the ashtray. 

Raw can’t sell their own products directly to cannabis consumers, so unfortunately, you’ll probably have to buy from Amazon. They also have a list of other third party sellers on their website, if you want to avoid that.

Price: $8 on Amazon

Kush Candles

Kush Candles

If you smoke weed, every room in your house probably smells like it — that’s why you need to gift someone a Kush Candle. Kush Candles is from Loveland, California where they produce 100% pure soy wax candles containing hemp seed oil and cannabis terpenes that mimic specific strains. 

They have Blue Dream, White Widow, and OG Kush candles, among many other strains. Choose your buddy’s favorite and prove once and for all that the best way to get rid of weed smell is with more weed smell.

Price: $17 on Kush Candles website

Poke-A-Bowl Ashtray

The Poke-A-Bowl is another simple accessory that changes the game for anyone out there smoking bongs. 

It has a vertical poker in the center of it that allows you to clean your bowl quickly, and the ashtray is so deep in volume that you could go months without emptying it. Just close the top and forget about it, like we stoners do.

Price: $20 on Amazon

Clear Phuncky Feel Tips


Ay man, B-Real’s Phuncky Feel Tips are amazing. They’re a product that Cypress Hill’s B-Real said he refuses to smoke without. 

Phuncky Feel Tips are a brand of glass rolling tips that make a world of difference when you’re smoking joints — blunts too. By filtering the smoke past a couple perculators, they create a smoother and tastier smoking experience. They come three to a pack, and you can get them in a variety of colors. The least expensive are the basic clear Phuncky Feel Tips, and they’ll be a perfect gift for any of your friends that keep ripping up old business cards for joint crutches.

Price: $18—$20 on Phuncky Feel Tips

Formula 420 Glass Cleaner + Soak ‘n Rinse

There’s nothing worse than being passed a bong and the freshly-packed bowl already tastes like char, resin, and resentment. Unfortunately, many smokers go quite a while without cleaning their glass. This holiday season, wouldn’t you like to be the change you want to see in the world? If so, then cop your weedy friends and family Formula’s 420’s Glass Cleaner AND Soak ‘n Rinse. They’ll clean any glass, metal, or ceramics within minutes. 

Trust me, people who smoke pipes, bongs, one-hitters, chillums, etc., or simply have extremely caked grinders that won’t ever spin, will definitely appreciate these in their stocking.

Price: $27 total: $13 for Glass Cleaner, $14 for Soak ‘n Rinse on Love Your Glass

Zeus Bolt 2 Grinder


It truly would not be a gift guide if we didn’t talk about grinders, so here’s my personal favorite: the Zeus Bolt 2. It has a sleek black color, and the top portion is large enough to grab, and spin, without pinching and irritating the sides of your fingers. 

On top of that, the real reason it’s here is because the Zeus grinder catches kief like an absolute champion. If you’re feeling extra generous, you could also go with the larger, and not much more experience, Zeus Bolt XL.

Price: $25 on Zeus Website

ACLU End The War On Drugs Rolling Tray


Much like a grinder, we can’t talk cannabis gifts, and not talk rolling trays. This year, give the gift of keeping smokers honest about the reality of marijuana in America. 

The War on Drugs, the War on Black and Brown communities, is still very much alive, despite watching numerous states legalize cannabis, and the numbers of people imprisoned for nonviolent cannabis arrest has only grown. Spread holiday cheer — and the word — by gifting one of the ACLU’s End The War on Drugs rolling trays.

Price: $28 on ACLU’s website

Moose Labs MouthPiece Gift Box

Moose Labs MouthPieces go on the top of bongs and on the tips of joints to make sharing weed as sanitary as possible. They’re an excellent budget-friendly, and especially topical, gift in the time of a global pandemic, where exchanging germs is an absolute no-go.

If you want to keep it simple, the MouthPiece for bongs, or the MouthPiece Mini for joints, only cost $10 separately. But if you’re feeling in the holiday gift-giving spirit, they have a $65 gift box that includes: 

  • MouthPeace Original +1 filter roll 
  • MouthPeace Mini +1 filter box 
  • Smell-proof carry bag 
  • 1 Pack MouthPeace Perfectly Sized Pre-Rolls (6) 
  • 1 Pack MouthPeace Mini Perfectly Sized Pre-Rolls (6) 
  • Rolling tray
  • Sticker set

Price: $65.99 on Moose Labs website

Justice Joints

Launched in November 2020, Justice Joints donate 100% of their profits to social justice causes. They’ve also partnered with the Last Prisoner Project to bring awareness to the thousands of prisoners still incarcerated for cannabis-related offenses. 

For only $10, you can spark change for cannabis. 

Price: $10 in select California dispensaries

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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