Just as there are thousands of podcasts, there are thousands of cannabis strains you could pair with them. Considering all these strains’ various effects, it makes sense to pair certain types of weed strains with different types of podcasts. 

As always, all strains will affect you individually. This list is based on personal experience by someone who has obsessively smoked all kinds of strains for 10+ years now. 

Try one or all seven recommendations, and follow your body to the right answer. 

Interview Podcasts: Aliens on Moonshine

Interview podcasts are great because you get to be entertained, while also learning about some of your favorite people. They tend to be pretty long in runtime, and because of that, you’d want a weed strain that you can puff endlessly, but won’t get you so stoned that you become distracted. With its comfortably manageable high that works great in vape pen form, Aliens on Moonshine is perfect.

Aliens on Moonshine is a CBD-dominant strain that came from crossing Sour Alien and Moonshine. It has a tropical smell and flavor that comes through with sweet, somewhat mango-like notes. The effects tend to be light, yet relaxing in both the mind and body.

Podcast recommendations: The Q&A with Jeff Goldsmith, Drink Champs, The Ezra Klein Show

Pop Culture Podcasts: Island Sweet Skunk

Pop culture podcasts are great for keeping in touch with what’s going on in hip hop, music, film, and overall celebrity culture. You sit down for a couple hours at a time and get all the information that would have taken eight hours of weekly screen time scrolling through social media to get. Though informative, they tend to be rooted in lighthearted goofiness based on the chemistry between the show’s hosts; and for that, you should grab a strain that puts you in an equally as goofy mood. Sweet Island Skunk is the one.

Sweet Island Skunk is a feel-good strain that tastes sweet and skunky, with diesel accents. Generally, it is somewhat potent, so expect a long-lasting euphoria that creeps from the mind to the body, and relaxes you for the entire three hours Joe, Rory, Mal, and Parks talk about everything and also nothing.

Podcast recommendations: The Joe Budden Podcast, Still Processing, The Read

True Crime/Nonfiction Podcasts: Dutch Treat

True crime pods go hard when you can sit somewhere quietly and lock into them. For that, you want a strain that is cerebrally stimulating in a way that makes learning new creepy, spooky, heart-wrenching stories an enjoyable experience. Say hello to Dutch Treat.

Dutch Treat is a great strain for when you need to concentrate on a task immediately in front of you. This hybrid’s high really opens up the brain and makes it easier to think. It can be potent, but is often described as a middle-of-the-road experience where you get that “Okay, yeah that bowl hit” feeling without being immobilized. 

Podcast recommendations: Serial, My Favorite Murder, Criminal

Internet Culture/Storytelling Podcasts: Amnesia Haze

Storytelling podcasts are excellent for opening your third eye to things about life you hadn’t previously considered. Truly, I love pods that take a common idea, break them down, and help connect you to new ideas about what being a human even means. Cerebrally uplifting strains like Amnesia Haze are great for these.

Amnesia Haze comes from the classic Haze family of strains that people love for getting active. It can also help clear the head for some people, which is why the top reported effects are uplifted, euphoric, and relaxed. 

Podcast recommendations: Reply All, This American Life, TED Radio Hour

Sex/Comedy Podcasts: Ice Cream Cake

Sex and comedy podcasts tend to fit into the same vein as pop culture ones But unlike pop culture podcasts, where you need to be somewhat tuned-in because they’re providing “useful” information, you can zone in and out of these without missing anything vital. For that, potent strains like Ice Cream Cake, which get your whole body stoned, are excellent.

Ice Cream Cake is a cross of Gelato #33 and Wedding Cake, two extremely potent hybrids. The flavor is dessert-like with a sweet, sugary taste that is accented by berry-diesel notes, and the high can be couch-locking in larger doses.

Podcast recommendations: Bodega Boys, Call Her Daddy, Comedy Bang Bang

Science/History Podcasts: Cherry Cookies

When I think of strains for science and history podcasts, I think of strains that provide a light head high that will make it easier to unpack all of the incorrect thoughts your brain has held for so long. Cherry Cookies is a great strain for that.

Cherry Cookies is a cross of Cherry Pie and GSC that tastes sweet and earthy. The high will hit you in the head and make it easy to focus on the day’s tasks. In this instance, the high will make it easier for you to learn about Princess Diana’s death on You’re Wrong About

Podcast recommendations: Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, Science Vs., You’re Wrong About

Sports Talk Radio Podcasts: Strawberry Shortcake

You can kick back and relax with these shows. They’re the type that you can zone in and out, but still get the general point of what’s being discussed. For that, get a stoney weed strain that makes everything else feel like background noise.

Strawberry Shortcake is an indica-dominant hybrid that provides a much more potent experience than the Strawberry in its name would be. It has fruity yet gassy taste from the Strawberry Diesel in its genetics, and the high leaves most consumers relaxed with their feet up for the evening. That’s perfect for some lighthearted sports talk.

Podcast recommendations: ESPN Daily, All The Smoke, Pardon My Take

Featured image by Henry Be on Unsplash

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