Ethan Zohn is a Survivor veteran and cannabis advocate. He is best known for winning Survivor: Africa, the 3rd season of the 40-season show.

A former professional soccer player with a squeaky clean public image, Ethan stayed away from cannabis for most of his life. It wasn’t until April 2009 when he was diagnosed with a rare type of cancer called CD20-positive Hodgkin’s lymphoma that Zohn decided to explore cannabis and all of its wellness benefits. Since then, Ethan’s cancer has returned twice, once in May 2009, another in September 2011, battles that Zohn continues to win.

“When I was diagnosed with cancer, that’s when I was introduced to [cannabis] from the medical side of things. Cause I was popping prescription pills: I was taking Ativan for anxiety, Percocet for pain, Zofran for nausea, Ambien for sleep, and in the morning I’d have to pop an Adderall for energy to go to the doctor,” he told Weedmaps.

In addition to his journey with cannabis and cancer, Ethan talked to us about some of his go-to products. Here are some of the cannabis products that Ethan Zohn can’t live without.


Ethan Zohn is a huge CBD advocate, CBDa to be specific. It’s played a major role in him treating his anxiety around the uncertainties of life.

“I would get on these infinite loops of “What if” scenarios: What if I die, what if the cancer comes back, what if I don’t get married; and it just wasn’t a good way to live my life — I was living in fear. So I started taking CBD, pretty much like a multivitamin, every day in the form of a tincture.”

MONTKUSH’s Raw CBDa 1,000 milligram oil was that tincture. “It got rid of the clutter in my brain of constant ruminating over stuff I could not control.”

MONTKUSH is a cannabis company out in Vermont that produces three products: a natural-flavored CBD oil, a mint-flavored CBD oil, and a raw CBDa oil. They’re all made from pure full-spectrum CBD rosin.

Available: Nationwide

Curaleaf 1:1 Tincture

If Ethan doesn’t have any MONTKUSH on deck, Curaleaf’s 1:1 tincture is his next choice.

According to their website, Curaleaf is the largest national retail dispensary brand in the U.S. They produce a full line of products including flower, vapes, topicals, edibles, and more. Their tinctures, available in Oregon, come with a 1:1 THC:CBD ratio and are made from natural cannabis and MCT oil. 

Genius Pipe

Zohn very rarely smokes cannabis. When he does, the Genius Pipe is his weapon of choice.

“It looks like Apple designed it or something. I rarely smoke, but if I’ve got some friends over, I use the Genius Pipe. It’s really neat.”

The Genius Pipe is a high-tech pocket pipe whose selling point is that it cools down the smoke as you inhale. It’s discreet, advertised as indestructible, and extremely easy to use and clean. They come in all kinds of colors and designs, and would make a great addition to any stash.

Kannaway CBD Salve

Early on in his CBD career, before he had legal access to it, Ethan would use Kannaway’s CBD Salve. It’s a CBD-from-hemp salve that comes in 500 milligram or in single doses, like pocket shots from a liquor store, for the people who just need just a small dose of relief.

Lowell Smokes

“I think one of the coolest brands out there is Lowell Smokes.”

Lowell Farms in California produces a full line of products including flower, dabs, vapes, and now CBD flower and dabs. Their Lowell Smokes pre-roll multipacks are the true champions, and according to Ethan, a real party favorite.

“I went to a wedding in LA, and I pulled out a pack of these and it was like the crowd stopped. So for me, this is great, it’s a conversation piece, I can start talking to people about [cannabis], and educating people about it.”

Available: California

Interview by Nic Juarez. Written by Dante Jordan. Graphic design by David Lozada.

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