Wifisfuneral is a musician from the Bronx who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He fits in this pocket of new wave Rap/R&B hybrids where lo-fi melodies and vocal ranges push the boundaries of what those genres really even mean. Or better, exposing that, at this point, they don’t really mean anything.

“I feel like I’m so versatile. At that point, do I say I’m a rapper? I’m an artist, I just make music, ’cause I feel like it’s a broader understanding if I say I make music. Theoretically, I’m using my flow and voice as an instrument,” he told us.

The name was inspired by Wifis’ reclusive nature and his Seshollowaterboyz fanhood. “I always played the underground character as far as my demeanor and how I would present myself. I was a huge fan of Seshollowaterboyz and that whole movement, so I was like Wifisfuneral would be funny. After that, it started to take on different meanings.”

After years of mixtapes and EPs, Wifisfuneral recently dropped his debut album PAIN? And it’s fucking fire. From start to finish, it rides out. To Wifis, it’s his best and most complete project ever. “It’s a big ass melting pot, you never know exactly what you’re going to hear. I feel like this is the first time I made a project that, from start to finish, makes fucking sense. Putting out an album is different than proving that you can rap.”

It’s true, PAIN? Is full of all kinds of music. Melodic R&B joints that turn on LED lights, video game soundtrack possibilities, songs that make you want to tut, shoulder-bouncers, toe-tappers, and everything in between. Most of the songs have a pretty dark feel to them that make PAIN? the perfect late night album when you’re getting deeply existential. Just press play and let it ride.

In addition to music, Wifisfuneral (I’m just now realizing I should’ve asked about the Wifi OG strain) is a huge stoner. Like big, real big. On his smoking habits, he said, “I smoke everyday. I probably smoke like an ounce a day.” As he said this, you could hear his manager bust out laughing off-camera adding, “No cap. He’s so serious right now.” On his reasons for smoking, he continued, “It was never like, ‘I’m going to go smoke weed today.’ It kind of just presented itself. It came to me. And ever since then, I would just be way more calm, I could focus a lot more. Mind you, I be a little bit sluggish and a little bit lazier, but I can be productive at the same time. I can smoke a whole ounce and make five songs.”

With Wifisfuneral being such a cannabis enthusiast, after talking music, we had to talk about some of his favorite things to smoke. Here are the five cannabis products he can’t live without.


Wifisfuneral is a huge flower boi. When we first checked in, he was smoking a fat ass joint of Frosted Flakes. “I’m old school. I be fucking with concentrates and shit like that, but I’m flower all the way,” he told us.

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“Dessert” strains

Wifisfuneral likes to smoke, and I quote, “that dessert-type shit.” Black Cherry Gelato and Gushers instantly popped out when asked which strains he’s come across that specifically stood the test of time.

Black Cherry Gelato is an indica-dominant cross of Black Cherry Funk and Acai. It’s got a cherry funk smell to it and tends to be a pretty heavy high.

Gushers is a Cookie Fam cross between Triangle Kush and Gelato #41. It’s got a sweet and fruity taste that reminds people of the classic kid’s snack. It’s also called White Gushers or Fruit Gushers.

Some of his other favorites are White Runtz, Turtle Pie, Cereal Milk, Runtz OG, and Obama Runtz. Basically, Wifisfuneral smokes Cookies.

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Vape pens

Though Wifis isn’t big on concentrates, he still likes puffing on a vape pen here and there. He was puffing on a vape cartridge during our Zoom call and said it had him “fucking ripped.” He told us, “They creep on you, I’m like damn. It gets uncomfortable, but then it gets comfortable.” 

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Raw papers

A common theme amongst rappers lately is the transition from blunts to joints. Wiz was the godfather of it, of course. Wifis is in the same boat, taking his health into consideration. He told us, “right now I’m transitioning from Backwoods to joints. When I used to smoke Backwoods, I’d go through two or three packs a day, and that shit fucked up my throat really bad. I had an interview with B Real (of Cypress Hill) and he was like “Yo, you know your throat’s going to be fucked up? I was like nah, I’ll be alright. Three years later my shit’s clapped. I was like, damn.”

RAW is his favorite brand of rolling papers.

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You can’t smoke an Adrian Peterson per day and not have a grinder on deck. (Adrian Peterson’s number has been 28 for the majority of his career). In the end, Wifisfuneral is a pretty classic smoker when it comes to his smoking habits. “Flower; roll-up; grinder; lighter, and that’s really it. As long as I got all of that, I’m straight.”

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