Hailing from sunny Los Angeles, Jeffrey Paradise leads daytime disco band Poolside with an inviting California vibe. The band’s mesmeric sound was inspired by — you guessed it — relaxing poolside. 

“When Poolside started back in 2010 it was just my friend Filip and I making music in a pool house with no big plans,” said Paradise to Weedmaps News. “We were going to lots of backyard and pool parties back then, and as unbelievable as it sounds, the music of choice at all of these lowkey parties was dubstep, which didn’t make any sense to us. Why would people want to listen to such aggressive music in a mellow setting? So we set out to make music that felt like an appropriate soundtrack to a slow-paced daytime hang — and thus ‘Daytime Disco’ was born.”

Paradise’s early musical influences come from a variety of artists, but one standout is Neil Young. Listen to Poolside’s rendition of “Harvest Moon” and you’ll be hooked by the dreamy mix of the beloved classic. Paradise shared, “Neil Young is one of my all-time favorites and a massive inspiration in pretty much every way. His record On The Beach is my favorite album ever. ‘Harvest Moon’ is obviously a great song with a great chord progression, and I thought it would be fun to cover a classic song in our own style, so we just decided to go for it. We uploaded it to SoundCloud without thinking too much about it – our manager at the time even told us not to because he thought it sounded like a demo – and then our lives changed forever.”

Whether you have “Harvest Moon” playing on repeat, or you’re downloading the new album Low Season, Poolside’s enigmatic tunes are the perfect pairing to a stoney session — especially when “I Feel High” starts humming through the speakers. “Only one thing is better than chilling out listening to groovy music, and that’s chilling out listening to groovy music while smoking a great joint. I’ve always heard that people like to listen to Poolside when they smoke.”

Poolside’s favorite weed

A consumer since the 90s, Paradise has come into his own in the cannabis industry, most recently pairing up with Space Coyote — a brand dedicated to inclusion, quality, and art in the weed space. The collaboration bore 5-pack joints of Sour Cookies Hash with MAC flower from Sticky Fields all wrapped up in an environmentally-friendly, reusable and collectible tin. “The most exciting aspect of this collaboration to me is the collectible tin that the joints are packaged in. We worked with Libby [Cooper, designer and CEO of Space Coyote] on the design, and it really feels like a piece of Poolside ephemera that any fan would be happy to have.”

Below, check out the five products Poolside can’t live without.

Space Coyote x Poolside Hybrid Hash Joints

Space Coyote

These joints are limited edition in California, so get your hands on them now before they disappear. Once lit, they “pair perfectly with a lowkey backyard pool hang and mellow music, and the tin is a must-have for any Cannabis-friendly Poolhead.” 

Cannabiotix (CBX)

A sativa lover at heart, Paradise can’t get enough of Cannabiotix’s buzzy strains, “[I’m] really liking their sativas …  A nice, complex sativa or sativa-leaning hybrid can be nice to facilitate all kinds of inspiration leaps and big fun.” 

CaliKush Farms

CaliKush offers award-winning strains, “they have a really great Tangie that I haven’t seen in a while. I also especially loved their White Sumo from a couple of years ago.” 

Jungle Boys

If you’ve ever visited an LA dispensary, chances are you’ve heard of the celebrated LA brand, Jungle Boys. “Los Angeles goin’ off.”  

Ember Valley 

Ember Valley offers a long list of strains cultivated by legacy growers. Take a hit of Northern Fire or Peanut Butter Breath for a memorable high. 

Featured graphic by David Lozada/Weedmaps

Hannah is a Seattle-based writer and editor. She’s worked in the cannabis industry for three years and continues to learn and explore.

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