The holidays were always tough, but through the pandemic — and all of  2020 — they’re just plain weird. Covid cases are on the rise, unemployment is at an all-time high, flying is risky. This year, instead of searching for a holiday normalcy that no longer exists, escapism may be the best route. 

And who knows how to escape better than the dabber in your life? Cannabis’s most potent form shines in situations like a 2020 holiday season — and so do the dabbers who dab it.

Though it is an intense method of intake, dabbing is one of the cleanest and most effective ways to consume cannabis. Especially given all the swaggy new dab gear and mind-blowing extracts that have come out in recent years.

To honor the dabs, dab gear, and dab stars who have the right idea about how to weather this holiday season, here is our gift guide to the devoted dabbers in your life. 

The Peak Pro by Puffco 


One of the most revolutionary cannabis products of all time, Puffco’s sleek and easy-to-use e-rig, The Puffco, has come out with an updated version just in time for the holidays: The Peak Pro. 

With a handful of technological updates and one major improvement to the atomizer which makes every hit smooth and even, The Peak Pro is the ultimate gift for the dabber in your life. 

Price: $399.99 on Puffco’s website

Evri Starter Pack by Dip Devices 

While electronic dab straws are an incredible invention for the super stoner on the go, the genre tends to produce some real duds when it comes to reliable products. Not so with the Dip Devices Everi, a multi use portable dab tool that is part dab straw and part vape pen. 

Price: $69.99 on Dip Devices’ website

Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit by Daily High Club 

Looking to help a dab curious homie take the plunge this holiday season? Daily High Club has made it easy with their Ultimate Concentrates Dab Kit. 

With dab rig, torch, concentrate container and more, it’s got everything they need and nothing they don’t. 

Price: $120 on Daily High Club’s website

8” Showerhead Water Pipe by Tsunami Glass

Tsunami Glass

This cute little bong/rig hybrid from Tsunami Glass features a unique percolating system in its neck for smooth, splash-free hits every time. 

Price: $99.99 on The Odyssey Group Outlet

Puffco Plus by Puffco

The most awarded concentrate vape of all time, the Puffco Plus vape pen is as psychedelic as it is effective. With a unique mouthpiece that combines a loading tool with splash guard and carb cap, it’s the perfect present for a dabber who appreciates convenience.  

Price: $89.99 on Puffco’s website

Roam Vaporizer from G Pen

G Pen

Part e-rig, part vaporizer, all one adventure machine, the G Pen Roam is the ultimate gift for outdoorsy types who want to take their high to new levels — literally. 

Price: $149.97 on G Pen’s website

Stella Vaporizer Kit by Dr. Dabber

Dr. Dabber

This portable concentrate vaporizer features four heat settings and a TCR heating element that guards against charred hits. 

Simple, sleek, and perfect for the discrete dabber. 

Price: $99.95 on Dr. Dabber’s website

Strawberry Banana Live Rosin by Cali Stripe

Cali Stripe’s Strawberry Banana Live Rosin is one of the best concentrates I’ve ever tried. Literally bursting with banana and strawberry flavor, this is a go-to when anxiety starts to get the best of you. 

Find Cali Stripe’s Live Rosin on Weedmaps

Dosi Punch Live Resin by Raw Garden

This indica hybrid live resin by Raw Garden boasts a beautiful, festive profile of sharp pine and spices with a floral finish. 

Super stoney, it brings a deeply relaxed high that takes all your worries and desires away — whether you like it or not. Perfect for unwinding after a holiday feast. 

Find Raw Garden’s Live Resin on Weedmaps

Limoncello Cured Sugar by Maven Extracts

Maven Extracts

A hot line of extracts from one of the best brands in existence, Maven Extracts’ new cured sugars are an epic alternative to all the actual sugar you’ll be consuming this season. 

Try their Limoncello for a delicious and uplifting experience. 

Find Maven Extracts’ Limoncello Cured Sugar on Weedmaps

Orange Haze Kief by Yula

Solventless, natural, and still super potent, keif is the most underrated concentrate of them all. The new Cali brand, Yula Kief, has some of the best on the market. Don’t believe us? Check out their Orange Haze for a tasty dab. 

Find Yula’s Orange Haze Kief on Weedmaps

Medusa Live Resin by Cosmic

Testing at over 7% terpenes, this wildly flavorful and potent live resin from legacy brand Cosmic smells like every beautiful thing in nature converged in a single substance to get you cosmically high. A true show stopper. 

Find Cosmic’s Medusa Live Resin on Weedmaps

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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