Pipes and bongs tend to be the go-to no-brainer gifts for the flower lover in your life. And as this season sees more legal states entering the market, many artists and designers are getting ample space to think up creative twists on the classic glass offerings that have never been thought of before.

From silly bananas to funky dinosaurs, celebrate the holidays in style with our fresh gift guide to unique pipes and bongs. Plus, check out our strain pairings for a sweet, double gift idea. 

Grenadine Bubbler from Tetra


Handmade by ceramicist Ninon Cholpin, this interesting take on the bubbler offers a touch of whimsy along with its dark, unique style. Compact in size, fill with just a tablespoon of water before lighting up for a smooth, filtered hit. Note: drain the water after each session to ensure maximum purity. 

Pair this piece with Alice in Wonderland strains on Weedmaps

Price: $120 on the Treta website

Glass Banana Pipe from Edie Parker 

Edie Parker

Go bananas for this bright and cheery hand-blown glass pipe. Want to make an even bigger impression? Send the banana to your friend and nab their sweet Glass Grape Pipe for yourself so you can light up together for a fruity session. 

Pair this piece with Banana Kush strains on Weedmaps

Price: $95 on the Edie Parker website

Kush Claw Cold Smoke Bong from Pretty Litty

Pretty Litty

Made for both flower and dabs, this humorous cold smoke bong from Black and Latinx-owned company, Pretty Litty, is perfect for the friend who refuses to drink anything but seltzer. 

Fill with ice and water for an extra-freezing hit. Bonus: this piece is also customizable, so you can add a special message to the base for a personal touch. 

Pair this piece with Bubble Bomb strains on Weedmaps

Price: $75 on the Pretty Litty website

Sunflower Pipe from Elevate Jane

Elevate Jane

Brighten up those stockings this cold, dark winter with a beautifully made sunflower pipe designed by Empire Glassworks. Your summer-loving friends will appreciate this sunny design while being transported to warmer days while toking up. 

Pair this piece with Sunshine strains on Weedmaps

Price: $89 on the Elevate Jane website

The Sitter Sherlock Pipe from Kush Groove

Kush Groove

Developed by Grav Labs, you can choose your loved one’s favorite color with this 5” glass Sherlock style pipe.

Pair this piece with London Pound Cake strains on Weedmaps

Price: $52.50 on the Kush Groove website

OG Beaker Bong from MOTA Glass

MOTA Glass

From the first woman/Latin/veteran-owned glass blowing brand ever, MOTA Glass offers smooth hits by women glassblowers in Los Angeles. And you can feel good investing in MOTA, as they promote an equity platform that advocates for racial accountability and the uplifting of minority women in cannabis.

Pair this piece with OG Kush strains on Weedmaps

Price: $135 from the MOTA Glass website

Wake-n-Bake Mug by AlwaysAzulPottery (from Etsy)


A stunning handmade piece that is microwave, oven, dishwasher, and food safe, the wake-n-baker in your life will appreciate a coffee mug and pipe all-in-one. Keep those mornings toasty with this beautiful conversation starter. 

Pair this piece with Morning Star strains on Weedmaps

Price: $45 on the Etsy website

“Dino Time” Dinosaur Bong from Smoke Cartel

Smoke Cartel

Who doesn’t love dinosaurs? You can shop this fun bong for the serious paleontologist enthusiast on your gift list — they’ll love the Brachiosaurus-inspired design and its ability to light flower and concentrates. 

Pair this piece with Ancient OG strains on Weedmaps

Price: $184 on the Smoke Cartel website

Rainbow and Gold Clouds Inhaler Pipe from Make Good Choices

Make Good Choices

Handmade, handpainted, and set with 20k gold, this colorful and extra-sugary porcelain piece will bring a smile to even your most pessimistic friends. 

Pair this piece with Rainbow Kush strains on Weedmaps

Price: $98 on the Make Good Choices website

Mimi Bong by Elevate Jane

Elevate Jane

Cleverly designed and fully functional, this minimalistic take on the bong will add charm and style to any avid consumer’s collection. 

Pair this piece with Glass Slipper strains on Weedmaps

Price: $149 on the Elevate Jane website

Featured image by Gina Coleman/Weedmaps

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